Hussmann Performance Parts


Hussmann is a household name in the retail refrigeration case/system industry, however, their aftermarket parts division, Hussmann Performance Parts, needed its own identity and positioning to stand out in a highly competitive category.

Hussmann Performance Parts challenged Geile/Leon to help them build their brand into its own marketable identity.


With our Distilled Thinking Process™, Geile/Leon helped Hussmann Performance Parts unearth their unique point of differentiation within their category. We discovered that service, accountability, responsiveness and reliability are what Hussmann Performance Parts does better than their competitors.

They are not just a company that sells products and services, they are true partners to their customers, helping them overcome some of their biggest business obstacles and most complex challenges by delivering industry-leading service and creative solutions.

We developed a campaignable theme and positioned the division as Hussmann Performance Part(ner)s, a clever play on their brand name. Once all the key stakeholders were on board with our theme, we developed a brand architecture document that highlighted Hussmann Performance Parts’ positioning statement, master tone, brand attributes, key selling messages and employment messages, ultimately providing a road map for everything their brand has evolved into today.


Phil Evans, Vice President of Aftermarket Solutions, formally rolled out the new brand positioning at a Performance Parts Division townhall event. The staff is enthusiastic and has embraced the new branding. G/L has assisted in developing a wide range of collateral materials that have taken on a consistent message, look and tone further solidifying their positioning as true “Performance Part(ner)s” in the market.