Many consumers have not heard of Fruitables Baked Treats and Skinny Minis, yet the brand plays well in a growing category and offers on-trend and excellent nutrition for pets. Our challenge was to help introduce pet owners to Fruitables with an awareness campaign that leveraged the “core” flagship products, Baked Treats and Skinny Minis, and emphasize what makes the brand unique and better than other treats.


G/L developed a new concept that would increase brand awareness, recognition and visibility among key consumer segments. Leveraging the unique brand name and showing all the fun fruit and veggie flavor combos that pets go crazy for, the “Pets So Lovable Deserve Fruitables” campaign was conceived.

With adorable pups, clever transitions and vibrant colors this approach made for an exciting and attention-grabbing campaign. G/L created social campaign elements (including static, carousel and video creative), a cohesive landing page experience as well as video ads in a variety of formats optimized for social media.


While the campaign is still in its infancy, early results have indicated excellent performance and positive feedback from consumers. As the campaign continues, we will update our case study to include metrics once they are shared.