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Why Hire With Your Brand in Mind?

blogimage2Recruitment and hiring is key to growing a successful company. It’s important to fill positions with right people – people who are knowledgeable, proactive and will succeed. But, completing job tasks and being qualified aren’t the only requirements a company should focus on.

We’ve all heard of this scenario: an employee is hired, trained, experiences a learning curve, becomes productive, excels, and then ultimately leaves the organization to take their skills to another company. The employer then has to start at square one and find another candidate. Now, this process could take months or a couple of years, but however long, the cost of turnover is high and can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Think of the time and money spent on recruitment, selection, onboarding, etc.

To reduce this headache (and money pit), there’s an important factor that’s missing. A person should not only be hired because they are RIGHT for the position, they should be hired because they are RIGHT for the company, too. But, in order to this organizations need to determine their goals and how they see their growth. In addition, consider how their brand can impact growth. Yes, I said brand. A brand is more than just a pretty logo and catchy tagline. A brand is ultimately how customers interact with a company, how they feel about it, and what they perceive. A brand is an experience, and employees play a big part of it.

So, what does this mean? If your brand is clearly defined, you will draw in people whose personal characteristics (values, personality, culture, etc.) are aligned with your company’s attributes (also known as employment branding). This mixed knowledge, proven success and proactivity is a recipe for success and a symbiotic relationship that has longevity. The employee can see their future with the company because it’s clearly defined and supports their personal goals.

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