Shawn Maher

How Universities Can Make Online Grad School Exciting

Many of us remember college fondly, but not necessarily for the time we spent in the classroom. The overall college experience is a big part of education marketing: the campus, clubs, sporting events, networking and more. But like anything else, many universities are finding ways to successfully adapt to the (all together now) new normal and find new ways to make the graduate school experience attractive to students.

Due to the sudden shift required as the beginning of the pandemic outbreak, many colleges were unprepared, leaving a poor perception of online education, especially from prestigious institutions that have set a high standard. However, many of these universities have been working hard to reimagine their online education experience with resources to rival their in-person offerings as they experience an average of 4% drop in enrollment.

So how do they communicate it to these skeptical students? Especially during a crucial moment when so many are considering this as an opportunity to further their education with an advanced degree.

An optimistic sign for higher education is that studies have shown no empirical evidence as to any decline in the quality of applicants. Additionally, some anecdotal evidence has demonstrated an even greater diversity in applicants.

By coordinating efforts between faculty, staff and marketing teams, universities have a chance to reach students they may not have been able to before. Colleges can not only diversify their student base, but also allow opportunities for students who are well-suited to the university’s unique offerings to flourish. And with a robust online learning program, it is an opportunity that these potential students many may not have been able to take advantage of.

However, unlike a baseball field in the Iowa cornfields, if you build a great online graduate program, that does not mean that they will come. A strong marketing communications plan is essential to getting these opportunities in front of potential students who are seeking it. We understand how to tap into this potential with our years of education experience and are well- positioned to help you take full advantage of these new opportunities. Get in touch now to get started on your plan.