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Trending from G/L: Nivea Reshapes Behaviors with Clever Marketing Campaign

Nivea recently launched a guerilla marketing effort that focused on teaching children about the importance of sunscreen.

We all know how hyper and excited kids can get at the beach, the park or at the pool, so how do you convince them to wait 10 minutes to let mom or dad apply sunscreen?

Nivea and FCB Brazil came up with a brilliant solution to distract kids long enough to get apply sunscreen, while also teaching them an important lesson about sun safety as well.

The Nivea Doll was developed to show kids how unpleasant sunburns can be. The doll has built-in UV sensitivity and will turn beet red once the sun hits it- representative of what will happen to your own skin if you don’t use sunscreen:


Once you apply sunscreen to the doll the sunburn will disappear and the skin tone will be back to normal – ultimately teaching kids a valuable lesson about why sunscreen is so important.

“Protecting and caring is something we learn from an early age. This emotional bond is what this Nivea action offers,” Joanna Monteiro, creative VP at FCB Brazil, said in a statement. “Through the magic of technology, children can see the sun’s effect on the skin of the doll.”

As seen in the video below, street teams handed out The Nivea Doll along with a pre-packaged sunscreen and showed the recipient how the doll worked:

This concept is extremely unique, has an immediate payoff. It generated tons of press and product trial and has a very important message to boot.

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