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Tim Leon Featured in Business Journal

Our own Tim Leon, President and Managing Partner of St. Louis Ad Agency Geile/Leon Marketing Communications, is one of three local business people contacted by the St. Louis Business Journal to offer an opinion on “How to: Choose An Intellectual Property Attorney” column. The piece ran in the July 1 edition of the Business Journal.

Tim Leon, president and managing partner of Geile/Leon Marketing CommunicationsbizWatch … said knowledge is what will get you out of an ugly mess.

“I want expertise anytime you are dealing with disputes,” Leon said. “If there is a dispute, I would like an attorney who is aggressive to get a resolution.”

Using local law firms is preferable, according to Leon. His IP attorney is conveniently across the street from his office. “Having that face-to-face interaction is important.”

Leon’s words of wisdom and the full article are available to view at the online version of “How to: Choose an Intellectual Property Attorney; Search for IP attorney should be first priority”.