Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

The Nancy Factor

It’s funny how a simple hello can say so much. If you’ve visited Geile/Leon in the last 16 years, you are familiar with the cheery hallmark of Nancy Nava. “I am such a morning person,” she says with a smile, but her sunny disposition is contagious and unwavering all day, everyday. G/L credits Nancy as the best kept secret of the agency. “Without Nancy, we just wouldn’t be the same company,” says Tim Leon, Managing Partner and President of Geile/Leon.

You never know what to expect when chatting with Nancy. She’s always good for giving insight on the best deals and directions around town, but you also might learn some pretty interesting facts. The next time you speak with Nancy make sure to ask about her father who pitched a no-hitter for the St. Louis Browns the night she was born (he also managed semi-pro baseball team the Memphis Chicks and is in the Baseball Hall of Fame) or about her sister, who was a “Hee Haw Honey” on the popular 1970s TV show Hee Haw and, more recently, the creator of award winning Colts Bolts candies.

Through the years, Nancy continues to serve as Administrative Assistant at Geile/Leon with steadfast commitment after seeing the agency through three office relocations, two recessions and the most recent expansion of the agency. Responsible for overseeing scheduling, managing administrative projects and ensuring the operational needs of the business are met, Nancy keeps the office humming along. Not only does she contribute to the agency’s efficient operations, Nancy is integral to G/L’s culture. Her genuine concern to create a comfortable, personable atmosphere for employees, clients and visitors is apparent in her every action.

Take, for example, the holidays. Nancy is the driving force behind the Christmas spirit in the office. In addition to decorating and ensuring everyone enjoys the myriad of confections and goodies that find their way to the office, Nancy leads G/L’s annual participation in the Adopt-A-Family program for Our Little Haven. Organizing the office into teams, Nancy distributes an allowance to each group so they can play “Santa’s helpers” for an afternoon, spreading good tidings to deserving children in St. Louis. As a grandmother, this cause especially resonates with Nancy. “Children are happiness in its purest form. To bring to a child the magic and joy of gift giving – to make them feel special. There is nothing that tops that.”

Nancy’s attention to detail ensures everyone at Geile/Leon – be it clients, partners, employees or building personnel – is taken care of, bringing meaning to the agency. Dave Geile, Managing Partner and Creative Director adds, “The place isn’t the same on the days Nancy is out. It’s the many little things that go unnoticed, until she’s not here to do them. Plus, clients and people who call, love her. We don’t know what we’d do without her.”

So, how can you help Nancy and Our Little Haven? Reach out this holiday season, and share some ways that you know how to make people feel special.


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