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The Adventures of KL

You don’t have to spend much time around the G/L office to realize that Kathy “KL” Leonard is one of the most colorful characters here. Our VP of Public Relations is known for her peppy attitude and borderline obsession with the game of golf. “If it is above 50 and dry, I am probably on the golf course – both days of the weekend.” We are used to hearing about her awesome golf weekends and vacations – she is one of the few people that we know who has played Pebble Beach in California not once, but twice.

Kathy’s other favorite hobby is a bit more feminine, as she adores shopping. She has real style, always looking trendy and creative with her outfit choices. “I treat shopping like it is an Olympic sport, so I am always training and trying to get that perfect ‘10.’ I am a real bargain hunter and a real saver. I even have things in my closet that I wore when I worked in TV.”

Her professional career began as a reporter for KSDK and was her first true love. She remembers the big blizzard of 1982 as her favorite moment in television. When none of the other reporters could make it to the station due to the storm, Kathy got to anchor the evening news with Jennifer Blome. She also was the only reporter given a chance to drive a snowplow with the National Guard on live television!

Although Kathy never tired of her 20 years of excitement in broadcast, she discovered a way to use her skills behind the scenes in PR. “I found myself involved in PR and working at Lambert – St. Louis International Airport because of my aviation knowledge and background.” Kathy’s father owned Leonard’s Metal Inc. of St. Charles, which creates parts for airplanes, helicopters and space shuttles. “And, I am really good at PR. I am a problem solver, I am always looking for a new way to address a client’s issues.” Kathy’s dedication to PR has led her to become an advocate for several charities—raising awareness and telling the stories of those without a voice. She is currently on the board of the Humane Society of Missouri Friends Council and assists with Dining Out For Life.

Kathy credits her years of chasing stories as a reporter to her success in public relations. “I think my previous career is the only way to be really good at media relations. I worked on that side of the microphone, I know what makes a good story, I know what reporters need to do their job, and the best part, I can deliver what they need. My philosophy is to pitch the right story to the right reporter, not flood the market with drivel.”

Kathy’s love for adventure has carried her to great success as a reporter, anchor and PR pro. Her passions for golf, shopping and working for the community ensure there is always excitement in the G/L office. In honor of Kathy’s work with the Humane Society, comment “Cat” or “Dog” below to vote for your favorite type of furry pet.


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