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So, You Think Direct Mail Is Dead…Well You’re Dead Wrong.

Guest Author & G/L partner: Maurice Parisien, Digital Intersection

According to DMA 2011 Statistical Fact Book, a catalog lead costs $47.61, while email comes in at $53.85 per lead, and, what’s more, the response rate to direct mail has consistently been three times higher than email.

Still not convinced direct mail is alive and kicking? When going through your office mail, what’s the likelihood of you or your assistant opening a Priority Mail piece as opposed to throwing the piece in the circular file. I suspect that that mail piece gets opened and read. Direct mail still has its place in the marketing mix.

Here Are 3 Reasons Why Direct Mail is Still Alive and Kicking

Reason #1:  Direct Mail Provides Valuable Information

Marketers can provide a whole lot more information in a direct mail package than can be included in an email, a banner ad or a keyword ad. And if the direct mail piece is highly informative and relevant, your target is very likely to review the material and keep it around to refer to time and again.

Reason #2:  Direct Mail Done Right Can Be Interactive.

Just like an email message, direct mail can be interactive! When a direct mail piece incorporates a PURL (personalized URL), your recipient can plug that PURL into their browser and be taken to a customized, personalized and highly relevant landing page to deliver a tailored message—while at the same time capture some valuable customer and/or prospect information.

Reason #3:  Direct Mail Can Be Highly Targeted.

Effective direct mail begins with a quality list. That list may be a quality customer list targeting the ‘right’ customers, with the ‘right’ message at the ‘right’ time. Executed well, this is targeted direct mail. From a prospecting perspective, smart list development will begin with an accurate profiling and segmentation analysis of the customer file. Segmentations can be demographic/firmographic, or psychographic/attitudinal, geographic and combinations of each. Lists can be broken down by geographic location, age, gender, usage and purchase behavior and values and lifestyles.

Direct mail is far from dead, and well executed direct mail can be a highly effective component to a fully integrated online and offline marketing mix.

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