Luke Smith
Senior Account Executive

When Return on Empathy Is Found at a Party

For today’s Return on Empathy discussion, I wanted to focus on the importance of not trying too hard. With social distancing policies in effect across the globe, the coronavirus pandemic has single-handedly dismantled many social aspects across all walks of life. Birthdays, commencement ceremonies, concerts, dances, family reunions, and more have all been canceled and postponed. So, in a time when socializing is limited to virtual experiences or interactions with the people in your house, some brands are making an emotional connection with consumers…all without trying too hard.

Desperados, a beer brand owned by Heineken, is taking consumers on a virtual music experience with an at-home party series. Through live-streamed DJ sessions, consumers can “attend” a party “together” while safely practicing social distancing. The event series was devised to help people connect under our current unique set of circumstances. 

These home sessions will come in the form of hour-and-a-half sessions with well-known DJs broadcasting from living rooms across the world every Sunday. Diederik Vos, global brand director at Desperados, said, “Parties provide an unrivalled sense of social connection that we are all craving during this time of social distancing. With partying in our DNA, Desperados wanted to create something that brings the party to people – to be enjoyed from the safety of their homes. We are redefining how parties can be experienced virtually in living rooms around the world.”

Desperados isn’t pushing product. They are simply doing something fun, light-hearted and enjoyable to make consumers happy and forget about all of the current stressors associated with the pandemic. Even if your brand is delivering just a brief experience and a momentary connection, brands that execute this concept successfully can make a lasting, emotional connection with consumers… simply by not trying too hard.