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As part of Geile/Leon’s #GLSTL25 campaign, we’ve been highlighting and offering support to various non-profits in St. Louis that make a difference in our community. But there’s one organization that’s been doing just that since 2009.

ready+willing (a 501(c)3 public charity itself) was established by Sarah Waters and Kendra Gilligan as an organization for advertising, marketing and public relations professionals to help other non-profits in the area by providing pro bono marketing and advertising services. Assistance is made possible by assembling teams of industry professionals to participate in mentorship and collaboration opportunities. As they plan, concept and produce communications pieces for organizations in need, these individuals get the chance to work closely with people and projects from all over the St. Louis area.

Our mission is to enrich, provide, impact, promote and empower St. Louis. Enrichment happens throughout our team projects program where we provide a forum for St. Louis advertising and marketing professionals to be connected to one another while we produce compelling marketing, advertising and public relations solutions to help other local area charities tell their story. Through telling their stories, we aim to impact the St. Louis community in a positive way, promote the city that we love so much and empower the people of St. Louis to collaborate as a community for the advancement of the community.
-Kendra Gilligan

Whether it’s through creative talent (written and visual), account services, production skills or leadership, ready+willing is always looking for new members and volunteers who would like to donate their time and skills to our community. With their continued growth, there is currently a strong need to hire a part time executive director, sponsors for their project process events, and volunteers for the board of director and committee positions.

If you’d like to contribute to ready+willing’s cause, you can contact Sarah Waters at [email protected] or 314-482-6438. To make a monetary donation or learn more about their list of needs, please visit

In my effort to support #GLSTL25, I’ll be committing at least 25 hours to the development of a more robust website, which will include more features and networking options for members on the site.