Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Predicted Video Trends for 2020

If it seems like video has become more and more embedded in every facet of our lives, you would be correct. And video is only going to continue trending upward in 2020. In fact, the average person will increase their daily online video consumption by 14% in 2020, increasing from an average of 84 minutes to 100 minutes each day, according to a forecast from Zenith.

With screen time like that, it’s pretty indisputable that video truly engages consumers. But even we were somewhat surprised to learn that in 2019, YouTube replaced Facebook as the #1 platform that affects consumer behavior based on a study from Animoto. They also found that video ads are the #1 way that consumers discovered a brand that they later purchased from.

After digging in further to the Animmoto study, we learned that no matter what the social media channel, 24% of consumers made more purchases via social media in 2019 than they did in 2018. Consequently, 58% of consumers visit a brand’s social media pages before the brand’s website. And when they do visit a website, Forbes found that the average user spends 88% more time on a website with a video. In a nutshell, that’s exactly why we started Geile/Leon Video Content Studios, and also why so many of our clients have found great success with online video. Are you curious to see what online video can do for your brand? Get in touch and we’ll see where video fits in with your brand strategy.