Tim Leon
President/Brand Strategist

Is Email Marketing Effective? Depends on Where You Work.

First of all, let’s get this out of the way. Email is important to digital marketing. Really important. There, we’ve said it. But recent benchmark statistics from Campaign Monitor reveal some really interesting trends

These 2019 statistics show that, in terms of open rates, the public sector is head and shoulders above private sector companies. That means that categories like government, non-profits, education and others are really outpacing private sector companies like those in retail. 

So why is that? 

I’m thinking that is because consumers are simply more likely to open emails that aren’t trying to sell them consumer goods. Think about all the emails you get from all the brands you’ve purchased goods from in the past. That doesn’t even mean that you’re not receptive! But there are only so many times I can buy a new truck. Sorry, Chevy, those sales look good but I’m set for a while. I’ll check out your deals in a few years. 

But the good news is that open rates aren’t really the important statistic here. Opening an email is nice, but taking action is what really benefits brands. That’s why clickthrough rates are what really matters to me, and I’m sure many other marketers, as well. 

The average clickthrough rates across ALL industries is 2.4%. And the industries that beat that average? They include media, entertainment and publishing companies, with Thursday being the best day for clickthroughs. Maybe that’s because consumers are planning their weekend and lining up their entertainment activities for the weekend. I know I’m getting my Neftlix queue primed for the weekend. 

All in all, the rumors of email’s demise may have been greatly exaggerated, to paraphrase our neighbor up north in Hannibal, Mark Twain. It just depends on what industry you’re in. But the one thing that holds true for any industry is that compelling content, placed where and when is best suited for the target audience, is always a successful strategy. Get in touch and we’ll find a digital strategy that is perfectly tailored to your industry and your customers.