Shawn Maher

Has TikTok Become a Sneaky Opportunity for Online Video Marketing?

When we talk about online video content, we often discuss the importance of picking the right channel. Often, our clients ask about YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. But what about TikTok? 

Before you dismiss it as a channel for teeny boppers without disposable income, let’s talk it out. It turns out that TikTok is a more attractive avenue for branded video content than many realize. 

Not only did a recent survey show that 30% of respondents said it was their favorite social media platform, surpassing Instagram, but it also has seen huge growth, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. And even though the platform does skew younger (although usage amongst adults 35-54 tripled during 2020), the overwhelming majority (41%) of users have household incomes of $100,000 or more. Second highest income bracket? $75,000 to $100,000. 

Of course, the third highest income bracket is less than $25,000, which illustrates the importance of fostering a deep understanding of your target audience and also what you hope to accomplish with your video content marketing. This is also important if you’re looking to buy real TikTok followers, as you’ll need to understand what you’re working with and who will need to be targeted directly to make your boost worthwhile.

So, like anything, it boils down to knowing your audience, understanding your objectives and knowing at what point on the funnel your campaign is intended. It’s one thing to create a fun video. It’s another thing to do it with a purpose and to Make It Mean Something. And that’s where we come in. 

We have three decades of experience of staying ahead of trends, understanding how they fit within a plan and basing everything upon a foundation of tried-and-true marketing fundamentals. Get in touch to see what type of online video campaign would work for your brand’s needs.