Geile/Leon Marketing Communications

Celebrating #GLSTL25

The month of November marks Geile/Leon’s 25th year in business. 25 years. More than six presidential terms, over 100 space missions and “The Tonight Show” is on its third host. In that same time, G/L has worked with over 200 clients both locally and nationally. That’s 9,131 days, countless cups of coffee and late-nighters, and creating great work that has made a difference in our clients business and the brands they represent.

We live by our mantra, “Make It Mean Something“, but discovered that we’re not alone in embracing these four simple words. Numerous non-profit organizations across St. Louis selflessly donate their time, money and energy to make our community better.

So, to celebrate our 25 years and our mantra, each person at Geile/Leon highlighted and donated to a non-profit of their choice and shared their experience through #GLSTL25. Below sums up our #GLSTL25 efforts and the time/money/brainpower/items/etc. that we contributed to these organizations that share in our vision.


Cheers to 25 years and to many more!