The retail division of Lincoln Electric engaged Geile/Leon Marketing Communications, their social media marketing partner, to help them promote their Eagle™ 10,000 Plus welding machine. They wanted their audience to know that Lincoln Electric retail offers this high quality welder/generator that will help them get the job done, and whether they win the grand prize or buy one out of pocket, the investment will pay for itself. 


G/L developed a campaign to not only amplify brand awareness and increase our follower count across our social platforms, but to also enhance consumer loyalty to Lincoln Electric retail. By offering a high-ticket item such as the Eagle™ 10,000 Plus and allowing users to submit an entry every week, our followers stayed tuned in and locked in to our content whenever it appeared on their feeds. The contest was simple—for 18 weeks, we encouraged users to submit their entry form via our microsite. Included in the entry form was the user’s email and a few questions about their welding experience and habits. This not only allowed us to drastically increase the email database, but also allowed us to gain additional insights into our most engaged users, which we continue to use to craft marketing campaigns and overall messaging that resonates with our followers.


This was Lincoln’s most successful giveaway campaign thus far, blowing all benchmark metrics out of the water. We received thousands of entries which grew the existing email list by more than 30%. We were able to reach more than 340,000 users, receiving close to a million impressions. The leads stemming from the amount of users resulted in a conversion rate of 9.43%. Benchmark conversion rates for the retail industry, according to WordStream, are 3.26%.