Fruitables Spreads


Fruitables developed a new line of delicious & creamy nut butters for dogs. The new Fruitables Spreads are one of the most versatile dog treats on the market. Compana partnered with Chewy to launch the new line who even carved out a new “indulgent” section of their website specifically for the new line of Spreads.

G/L was tasked with concepting and creating a memorable launch campaign that would put Fruitables Spreads on the map, educate consumers on how to use Spreads and provide Compana Pet Brands and Chewy with effective and attention-grabbing creative to support the launch.


The most unique attribute of Fruitables Spreads is its versatility as a treat—it’s spoonable, spreadable, bakeable and freezable. We wanted to elevate and enhance all the versatile ways to feed your dog Spreads and focus on this key USP with our concept by playing off our unique brand name and highlighting all the “ables” that come with treating with Fruitables Spreads. Through vivid use of colors, exciting transitions and unique points of view, G/L illustrated all the countless, playful ways that pet owners can enjoy Spreads with their pups.

G/L created social campaign elements (including static, carousel and video creative), a cohesive landing page experience as well as video ads in a variety of formats optimized for social media.


The clients are thrilled with the end product and had this to say:
“AWESOME WORK! We LOVE where we landed with the new Fruitables campaigns & can’t wait to run with it!”
– Meghan Struttmann, Senior Brand Manager
Compana Pet Brands

While the campaign is still in its infancy, early results have indicated excellent performance and positive feedback from consumers. As the campaign continues, we will update our case study to include metrics once they are shared.