Decon 7


With an EPA-registered disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer and powerful cleaner that has been well established in the food and biosecurity industry, Decon 7 sought to expand into the HVAC and plumbing markets. In order to do this, it was necessary to raise awareness with both homeowners and contractors on D7’s effectiveness in combating poor indoor air quality due to harmful pathogens in ductwork and plumbing.


Through a series of videos scripted and executed by G/L Content Studios, we targeted contractors and homeowners to educate both on the difference in efficacy and log kill rate between an EPA-approved disinfectant and run-of-the-mill sanitizers. Additionally, we demonstrated the revenue stream opportunities that contractors could capitalize upon by adding D7 to their offerings.


The 15 videos that we created provided an eye-opening demonstration of the harmful pathogens that other products simply could not kill like D7 does. Through this understanding of how and why D7 works, reinforced with print ads, digital ads and social support, we helped Decon 7 launch their first comprehensive marketing campaign. It is too soon to report any numbers, but initial results are very promising.