Mobile Screen

  • Strategy-based approach to content and advertisement on all social media platforms, tailored and optimized for each brand’s specific industry
  • Establishing key audiences to ensure content reaches the most pertinent users
  • Achieving brand awareness, community engagement, website traffic and lead generation through relevant, memorable and engaging content


  • Audit of Current Social Media
  • Audit of Competitors’ Social Media
  • Content Planning
  • Ad Creation, Deployment & Management
  • Distribution, Creation of Content
  • Social Media Listening
  • Analytics Measurement
  • Strategy Review


  • Designed to produce community engagement
  • Social media listening, including routine monitoring of page likes, comments, messages and more to interact with community and fine-tune content to the latest industry trends
  • Social media ad deployment/management
  • Branded posts
  • Management of up to 2 social media platforms
  • Performance analytics sheet provided monthly
  • Low ad budget
Medium Body Plan
  • Everything from Light Body Plan
  • Content and strategies designed to generate site traffic
  • Retargeting efforts and content creation centered around generating specific actions and driving users to desired digital/online entities and assets
  • Management of up to 3 social media platforms
  • Mid-range ad budget
Full Body Plan
  • Everything from Medium Body Plan
  • Additional content and strategies designed for lead generation
  • Strategies implemented to gather contact info and/or establish regular dialogue with those most likely to take action
  • Management of 4+ social media platforms
  • In-depth social media breakdown including analytics, rationale and takeaways for each individual post as well as regular updates and analysis on social community, trends and more
  • High ad budget

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