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Dec 03, 2013

The Big Payoff Awaits Those Who Invest in Their Contractors’ Businesses

Geile/Leon B2B, Integrated Marketing, Planning, Strategy

Fostering mutually beneficial relationships with contractors could help manufacturers increase sales. In primary research conducted by Geile/Leon, we identified that contractors from a variety of trades could use assistance from suppliers of products and tools. And it’s a win-win proposition: Manufacturers share their expertise. Contractors build their business. Increase in contractor business and loyalty generates more sales for manufacturers. Download …

Apr 13, 2013

Trade Show ROI: 7 Keys to Success

Geile/Leon B2B, Digital, Public Relations, Trade Shows

After two recent recessions, the trade show endures. And this year promises continued growth for exhibitors across the world. By examining the evolving trade show landscape, the following white paper provides a trade show outlook for 2013 and beyond. It offers insight related to how digital can supplement the trade show experience and ultimately lead to stronger customer relationships, new …

Feb 08, 2013

Why the Digital Space is Made for B2B Marketers

Geile/Leon B2B, Digital, Social Media

Conventional wisdom might argue that social media and the digital space are the realm of the consumer, perfect for B2C marketers — and that would be true, to a point. However, B2B marketers are just as likely to thrive in this space, even more than traditional B2B media. The digital space provides opportunities for inbound marketing, increased reach, lead generation …