Tim Leon
President/Brand Strategist

What next? Let your customers and employees know your plans moving forward.

As organizations are navigating how to operate in this new environment, it’s critical to let their internal and external audiences know what to expect. In these uncertain times, employees and customers want to know there is a plan in place to deal with unexpected business disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Geile/Leon Marketing Communications is helping clients address these challenges. Questions and issues our clients are dealing with include:


• What happens if a co-worker tests positive to Covid-19?  

• What is the company doing to keep us safe? This is especially important for organizations deemed “essential,” where employees are continuing to come to work.

• How will the company be communicating with me and how often will they be providing me updates?

• What will change while working from home? What solutions will be implemented? Will you be using Skype or Teams to communicate? Read More about making this change here.


• Will your company’s supply chain be interrupted, and will I still be able to get product?

• Does your company have contingency plans in place to remain operating through this crisis?

• Are you changing hours of operation, ordering procedures, etc. over the next few weeks?

These are just a few of the communication challenges our clients have experienced. Being out front and more proactive in your communications is important, as well as delivering clear and concise messaging. G/L can help you determine a strategy and appropriate communications channels for your audiences, taking into consideration media relations, video, email communications, town hall meeting, video-conferencing, etc.

As we see crisis communications ramping up for our clients, we at G/L are ramping up our service offering to meet their needs. We are partnering with our former client, Tom Lange, who brings a wealth of crisis communications experience from his previous positions as Head of Communications for Union Pacific Railroad (a Fortune 150 company) and as Director-Public Affairs and Communications for Smurfit-Stone (formerly a Fortune 500 packaging company headquartered in St. Louis).  

We are thrilled to have Tom consulting with our PR team and helping us bring proven crisis communications strategy, messaging and plans for clients that will move their businesses forward in the challenging weeks ahead. Just email me at [email protected], and we can set up a phone call or video conference to discuss your communication challenges.