How do people perceive your brand? We understand that a brand is constantly evolving and moving through its lifecycle.

Whether you have a mature brand in need of a refresh or you are introducing a new brand into the market, G/L’s brand discovery and development process is for you.

President and Brand Strategist Tim Leon and VP of Account Service Randy Micheletti facilitate a brand discovery session with our client.  Discovering a compelling, relevant and distinct brand positioning is an important facet of GL’s Distilled Thinking process.

Distilled Thinking is our 5-step comprehensive brand discovery and development process used to help organizations define their brand positioning and later integrate it into marketing and communication efforts. The process is ideal for organizations that want to establish a new brand, reestablish an existing brand, or breathe new life into a mature brand.

Distilled Thinking provides all the tools to ensure the delivery of a consistent and compelling brand experience across all markets, distribution channels, and audiences. From the brand architecture to the key brand messaging, this process is comprehensive and invaluable.


Half-day Brand Discovery session using a discussion guide designed by us. We’ll spend the first two hours of the session listing facts about the company, its products, and its people. After that, we’ll eliminate those facts that are not possibly unique. And ultimately find those facts that are absolutely unique to your organization.


Once two to three unique selling points are established and agreed upon, this represents the distilled version of your company’s true identity.


The agency account team begins crafting a brand positioning statement. This declaration reflects precisely how the product or service is intended to be perceived by the intended target audience. The brand positioning succinctly states the unique point of difference that we offer the target audience and what differentiates our product from the competitive set.


A creative brief is developed. Once approved by the client, the creative group enters an idea-generation stage, brainstorming imaginative conceptual approaches that “bring to life” the approved brand positioning statement.


Geile/Leon will work with the client in preparing a written marketing communications plan that satisfies the established campaign objectives. And beyond advertising, we will consider/recommend other tactics including direct marketing, internal communications, job-site signage, public relations etc., to build a powerful brand through a completely integrated campaign.

From the discovery session to brand positioning to developing a comprehensive brand architecture, we create the blueprint for all internal and external communications efforts. When all is said and done, you and everyone on your team will know the brand – inside and out.