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Aug 23, 2017

Federal Railroad Administration Conference

Geile/Leon Digital, G/L Work

Last week, Geile/Leon President Tim Leon attended the Federal Railroad Administration’s Grade Crossing Research Needs Workshop held in downtown St. Louis. The workshop focused on issues regarding rail safety, including engineering and technology, enforcement, community outreach and education, hazard management, and human factors. The workshop brought together state, federal, and international experts to prioritize specific research needs related to grade …

healthcare marketing
Dec 21, 2016

Healthcare Marketing Blogs

Dan Diveley Advertising, Branding, Creative, Digital, G/L Work, Media, Planning, Strategy

We’ve written a lot about healthcare marketing over the past few years. To make it easy, we’ve compiled some of our best posts here.

Aug 22, 2016

Trending At G/L: Size Matters Not – Creating Gaming’s Largest Universe with a Tiny Team

Kyle Bryant Branding, Digital, G/L Approach, G/L Culture, G/L Work, Integrated Marketing, Trending Now, Trends, Web, Website

It’s an impressive gaming universe, created on a shoestring budget (with a relatively small 6GB install size to boot) by a relative handful of incredibly dedicated and resourceful developers.

Aug 19, 2016

Geile/Leon Marketing Communications Wins New Business and Awards

Mary Sawyer Branding, Communications Agency, Creative, Digital, G/L Approach, G/L Culture, G/L Work, General, Integrated Marketing, Strategy

“We’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with our newest clients primarily because they’re great organizations to work with,” said Tim Leon, President and Lead Strategist at Geile/Leon Marketing Communications.

lincoln electric
Aug 05, 2016

Behind the Scenes: Product Videos for Major Retailers (with Lincoln Electric)

Dan Diveley Advertising, Branding, Digital, G/L Approach, G/L Culture, G/L Work, Web, Website

We recently had the opportunity to jump in the retail video phenomenon for our client, Lincoln Electric, a major manufacturer of welding products and related accessories.