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Feb 12, 2018

The Big Game vs. The Big Picture

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Every industry has “their Super Bowl.” Some have conventions, others have awards shows, but for advertising professionals, our Super Bowl is, well, the Super Bowl. Each year, major brands pony up massive amounts of money for a 30-second spot during the big game, often launching new campaigns or products in the process. It’s the biggest stage for big ideas. But …

Nov 22, 2017

Top-5 Focus Points For Marketing Higher Education To Generation ‘Z’

Geile/Leon General

Now that the Gen Z generation is coming of age, let’s take look at some interesting facts that could help you better attract them to your campus. 45% of Gen-Zers find the process of deciding where to go to college confusing, according to a recent Ologie study. What makes this an interesting statistic is that Gen Z-ers thoroughly research products …

Nov 21, 2017

God Save the ‘Zine! – Are Alumni Magazines A Thing Of the Past?

Geile/Leon General

Is your University looking for a way to cut costs in the budget for branding, marketing and enrollment management? Most likely, the printed Alumni Magazine has been threatened with the chopping block a number of times. Your line of thinking probably goes as follows: What contact points have the most value for our marketing? What is the return on investment …

Oct 19, 2017

Branding Your Environment

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Our client, St. Louis Science Center, recently won the St. Louis Business Journal’s 2017 Building St. Louis award for the GROW exhibit outdoor Gallery. The award recognizes and honors projects that have created a positive community impact. We were thrilled to be mentioned in their FACEBOOK post along with exhibit and construction contractors Arcturis, Gyroscope Inc., Interface Construction Corporation, and …

Aug 15, 2017

Trending from G/L: McDonald’s delivers fabled famous Szechuan sauce to Rick and Morty fans

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Free earned media. It’s the crown jewel of the marketing world. And it really doesn’t get much better than the McDonald’s-Rick and Morty-Szechuan-Sauce story that’s unfolded. The SparkNotes summary: Hit TV show with a dedicated following, Rick and Morty, referenced an old sauce that McDonald’s once served years ago as part of a tie-in with the 1998 Disney release of Mulan. …