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Feb 25, 2021

Now’s the time to rebuild your construction marketing efforts

Shawn Maher B2B, Branding, G/L Approach, Strategy

During the pandemic and all the social distancing that has come with it, many industries have been affected. However, the construction industry is particularly interesting. Not only for the boots on the ground, but because so much of the marketing efforts in the industry are people oriented. Looking for new clients or even new vendors? Many industry professionals rely upon …

b2b brands
May 01, 2016

Winning Habits of B2B Brands

Dave Geile Advertising, B2B, Branding, Creative, Digital, G/L Approach, Integrated Marketing, Strategy, Trending Now, Trends

A recent Buyersphere Report cited several of the strongest attributes of B2B brands that win business and why customers choose them including awareness, location, the human touch and more.

Find Your Why
Jul 29, 2015

Find Your Why: No One Rallies Around Mission Statements, So Discover Your Purpose

Randy Micheletti B2B, Branding, Creative, Digital, G/L Approach, G/L Culture, G/L Work, General, Integrated Marketing, Strategy

With all the competition in many categories you have to make your brand stand out. Your why can help do just that.

Find your Why
Jul 24, 2015

Find Your Why: Why Do You Do What You Do?

Geile/Leon Advertising, B2B, Brainstorms, Branding, Creative, Design, G/L Approach, G/L Culture, G/L Work, Integrated Marketing

There are so many different brands fighting for the top spot in the same industry; to stand out seems nearly impossible.

Trending From G/L - PARENTING
Apr 06, 2015

Trending Now from G/L: Brand Storytelling, Groupon’s Social Win, Web Design and Knowing Your Consumer

Geile/Leon B2B, Branding, Communications Agency, Design, Public Relations, Trending Now, Web

Every Monday morning, the G/L office starts our week by meeting together and updating everyone on new business, old business, this week’s needs, last week’s successes – all the good stuff. We always take time at the end of these meetings to discuss what is trending now in our marketing and design world. We decided that what we talk about isn’t only beneficial …